Sigourney & Jessica


This right here is my bread and butter! I love everything about the relaxed nature of a solo shoot. It gives me the opportunity to really let go and explore all my creative energy without the added pressure of other peoples expectations. Don't get me wrong! I love shooting portraits for clients, but the freedom that comes with a collaboration is liberating. 

Both these shoots were done on different days. 


We shot in the am at her little granny flat apartment. We popped on some Kendrick Lamar, hung out in our comfiest clothes and had some serious D&M's. I loved the challenge of working with inside lighting, moving around the room chasing shadows and discovering areas of light that created all kinds of textures, shapes and colours. I shot this on my Canon 700D DSLR on a 35mm sigma art lens, and a 50mm canon lens. I loved that even though the camera body isn't a high range camera, it still produced amazing images. 

I experimented more with a film style vibe, with desaturated colours and tones. I've thrown in some images that are the same but edited with different presets just to show you how the tone changes. Honestly soooo much fun! And it helps that Sigourney is stunning inside and out! FYI Sig did her own make up and hair, minimal and gorgeous!


Pretty much my adopted sister. Or should I say I 'am her adopted sister! I've know Jess for a long time, and would consider her family. There is something so unique and captivating about her, and the way she carries herself emanates grace and class. 

This shoot was totally spontaneous. I heard she was in Albany visiting from Sydney so I couldn't help but snatch her away for an hour so, so we could catch up on life and make some magic! We shot in a few different locations around town. My favourite by far being the Old Auction Room. So moody and eccentric. It was an overcast, slightly windy arvo, perfect for the kind of style we were going for. My fav moment of the shoot was attempting to get a shot on the road, darting between traffic, praying we wouldn't get hit. lol The things you do for art hey?!

I shot Jess on a Canon 5D Mark 111, with my 35mm sigma art lens. Such a fab lens for those wide angle moody portraits. 

Gosh it was such a wonderful time. Cant wait to do it again. Watch this space for more collabs! 

Much love

- Chloe 

Chloe Kerbey