Keep it Cool Keep it Retro


This. Was. SOOO much flippin fun!!!

Okay, I got that out of my system... But for reals though, it was such a fab time because it involved connecting with some of the best in the industry in our local town, Albany WA. And far out, there are some incredibly talented creatives in our town! 

In typical Chloe fashion I called upon some crew last minute to see if they would be keen on doing a #Retro70's inspired shoot, and so within a week we knocked up this rad AF collaboration. 


Wardrobe Provided by: Bell & Luca
Hair: Holly Watterson Hair Artistry
MUA: ADH Makeup
Models: Abbey Hayes & Ebony Pitman

It was the perfect mix of 70's retro with a modern interpretation. Bright, bold and vivid colours, some mini skirt action and of course some fur and oversized bomber jackets to top it off. Our models, Abbey and Ebony rocked each outfit with just the right amount off sass and sultry. Can I also just say, that both the gals are not paid professionals but they damn well should be! Oh and Ebs is a mumma of three kids! Talk about yummy mummy! 

Abbey is double the trouble! Both killing it as a model but also as our MUA. She is only 17!!! Gosh, at 17 I barely knew how to tie my own shoe laces and use an ATM card, but this chick is running her own business and showing off some serious skill in the make up and beauty arena. Abbey is an example of the powerhouse millennial generation who are at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

And last but of course not least, Holly whipped up two very different but fab hair styles that complimented both the individual girls as well as the overall look of the shoot. Holly has just opened up her new studio in town so if you're a local or just visiting and need your hurr did, go say hi to Holly. She is an absolute sweetheart, and a brilliant hair stylist! 

As far as the photography side of things go - It was pretty experimental. The locations I thought would look the best turned out not to be as awesome. Which I guess that is pretty common when you're scouting locations. If you're like me some locations look awesome but then you place your models into the picture and all of a sudden ur like, oh crap, the lighting doesn't hit their faces just right or it just doesn't feel right. And the opposite is true with places you think won't look right, they end up working like a treat. 

I particularly love the shots against the backdrop of the green ivy wall, and along the waterside. The contrast of colours are fun, sexy and entrancing. I feel like my eyes always pull me back to those images in particular. I also REALLY love the ones of Abbey in the cactus room (Instagram room at Bell & Luca) and the individual ones of Ebony sitting on the bench outside of Liberte Hotel. I think these capture their individual styles so perfectly!

I am loving this journey I am on when it comes to discovering different techniques and canvases. I love the process of growing and expanding my own skill set while seeing my ideas and visions come to life. It's such a satisfying feeling! 

- Chloe x