Zoe & Co.


It's not often I do early morning shoots, but when I do I really look forward to it! The crisp morning air, the way the fog covers the ground and the light rises from below, gently making its way into the sky. It creates such a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere. The light is different from a sunset, it's not as warm and yellow, rather it has a softness to it that adds a different tone to the images. 

We began shooting on Zoe and Brad's families farm, which was such a great location, with plenty of different spots to utilise and experiment with. From the old farm house with it's wrap-around porch, to the ivy filled archways, and palm trees. Oh and don't forget Digger the horse of course! 

We then made our way to Zoe and Brad's new block of land on which they will build their first home together. It was such a special occasion and a beautiful idea to capture their family on what will be where they build and make many beautiful memories together. I absolutely love big trees and open spaces. It enables me to be able to tell a story that is grand and wonderful, showing the vast beauty of nature and the role as humans we get to play in it. 

The wide landscape shots communicate a bigger picture. It reveals the epic adventure we have the privalidge of participating in, even if we think our lives seem average or mundane. As a good friend of mine described it as; 

" You take pictures with a sort of epicness about them. I don't really know how to describe it - like your subjects are in a large ballroom. It's quite captivating." 

So true! There is nothing more captivating than the feeling and experience of awe and wonder!

It was such a pleasure getting to know Zoe, Brand and her two beautiful girls. As always connecting with those I take photos of is so important and hearing their stories, being able to bring their worlds alive through photography is an honour and blessing. 

Chloe Kerbey